Good offspring don’t grow on trees

Training at Flex-Punkt Druckformen GmbH
Nicole Linnemannstöns, Wiebke Wermeier, Verena Timpe

Nowadays, you have to put a lot of effort into making training exciting and attractive. That’s why we strive to update our structures and content from year to year, to adapt them and to keep up with the times. We already put a lot of thought into the selection process. It is not only a matter of grades and a suitable degree, but also of a strong desire to learn something. We want to accompany the trainees through the 3 years of training and are happy if they get a permanent place in our team. No matter what this place looks like. At Flex-Punkt Druckformen GmbH, everyone gets the opportunity to prove their individual strengths. Those who wish can decide to continue their training with a dual course of study or to become a media specialist, and will of course be supported by the company.

During the training, we stick to the prescribed framework plan, supplementing it with many practical exercises and a roadmap for the company. In the first weeks of training, it is important to get to know the company as well as possible. For this purpose, there is a schedule which provides for visiting all departments for approx. 1-3 days in order to get to know new colleagues as well as processes. We repeat this process several times to consolidate the procedures within different development phases. Since the end products of our company are printing forms for flexo printing and we do not have our own printing shop, it is definitely part of a good training to have a look at exactly these processes. Since we work hand in hand with our customers at all times, print shop visits for training purposes are always possible and a welcome change for everyone involved.
Right from the start, the trainees are allowed to work on customer orders, thus getting to know flexographic printing better and being close to everyday life.

For a long time, our training team consisted of Wiebke Wermeier and Nicole Linnemannstöns. The demands placed on training and also on trainers are becoming ever higher and trainees ever more inquisitive. Definitely a positive trend, which is to be further expanded by increasing the number of staff in the training team. Verena Timpe, a trained media designer, has been part of the team since the start of training on 01.08.2022. After Nicole Linnemannstöns is already active for years honorary in the examination board Osnabrück, it could inspire now also your colleague Verena Timpe for this office. The trio is looking forward to tackling all future tasks together. “We want to make training at Flex-Punkt Druckformen GmbH as exciting and interesting as possible, while at the same time constantly optimizing quality,” say the three. “When we see how our company is growing thanks to our self-trained specialists, it makes us proud.”





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